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Not going to lie, I want these nails for my first day as a teacher.

hello 2012

Resolutions are meant to be broken. I do not think I have ever managed to keep or fulfill a resolution. However, I find myself making a to do list of things I’d like to do in 2012. I decided to have a little fun with my list and make it special for 2012.

  • Watch 12 films I have never seen before
  • Create 12 art/crafting pieces
  • Teach 12 amazing lessons
  • Read 12 books I have never read before
  • Plan 12 get togethers
  • Visit 12 museum or historical sites I have never visited
  • Eat 12 new foods
  • Give time or money to 12 charitable organizations
  • Write 12 letters
  • Listen to 12 albums I have never heard before
  • Study 12 artists
  • Find 12 new favorite things

What the hell, let’s see what happens.

ARTnews: Lost painting of Leonardo da Vinci→

"Barton Hollow" | The Civil Wars | OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO | [HD] (by TheCivilWars)

Cindy Sherman Untitled Film Still #21 (1978). Museum of Modern Art,New York
"The work is what it is and hopefully it’s seen as feminist work, or feminist-advised work, but I’m not going to go around espousing theoretical bullshit about feminist stuff."

Frida Kahlo The Little Deer (1946)

Foo Fighters - White Limo (by foofighters


100 years since the Triangle Shirt Fire (via Triangle Fire: Liberating Clothing Made in Confinement -


Trent Reznor to score and star in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter→


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